About us

Source LIT Group

Source LIT™ Group is the first empowerment organization that integrates technology & essential leadership skills to build effective leaders in education, sports and corporations for the greater good of our overall community and next generation of leaders. L.I.T is an acronym for leaders integrating technology. Our team believes that there is no escaping the continuous reliance on technology and online presence in our lives and we believe by leaders integrating technology effectively, we can build transformational, effective next generation leaders.


For students, we have our flagship program Leaders Level Up and Source LIT™ Leadership Essentials. Participants consider Source LIT™ relatable and their “go-to” source for all things leadership since they have been growing and participating with the program since elementary school. Many of them have become Source LIT™ mentors and trainers. It is a brand they know and trust. It is unique as it breaks down the traditional definitions of leadership i.e. requiring a title or credentials in order to lead. Our programs position leadership as a choice for students and that they can choose to lead now from where they are.

Elementary Students focus on building a foundation of leadership, Middle School students tap into their leadership potential and at High School levels students are empowered to lead. Our most popular course is the collegiate level. Source LIT™ Leadership Essentials, this program helps students get ready to lead in real life beyond the guardrails of their parental and academic support systems.

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