Corporate Partnership Benefits

Our Corporate partners have become a strong voice in leadership empowerment conversation and are changing the status quo to create more diverse and flexible workplaces.

No matter where our corporate partners are in their D&I journey, Source Lit provides a suite of customizable solutions to support their ultimate inclusion AND diversity destination.

Join the ranks of our leading partner organizations committed to transforming their workplaces.

Leadership Empowerment

Leadership development programming to empower your workforce at all career levels.

Brand Building

Provides opportunities to create strategic connections with executive leaders outside of your organization.

Professional Networking

Offers leadership opportunities such as public speaking, increasing your internal leadership awareness as a Source Lit Ambassador and professional networking opportunities.

Partnership Resources

Exclusive content available for on-site or virtual participation with corporate partners: On-Demand Webinars, Podcasts & Videos, Workshops, Assessments and Coaching.

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